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2018: Autumn Workshop (Udine, 30 November 2018)

2018: Autumn workshop (Udine, 30 November 2018)

The 2018 Autumn Workshop of the Financial Intermediation Network of European Studies (FINEST) will be held at the Department of Economics and Statistics of the University of Udine, Italy on Friday 30 November 2018.

Finest workshop are small meetings with an in-depth discussion of a limited number of high quality papers presented from top European scholars with the aim of fostering discussion among academics, policy makers, and practitioners about the evolving challenges facing financing institutions.

We are pleased to invite you to submit papers in all areas related to financial intermediation to by September 30, 2018.

Authors will be notified of acceptance by October 15, 2018.



Stefano Miani & Andrea Paltrinieri
Department of Economics and Statistics,
University of Udine